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The TUDOR High Tech battery has a carbon reinforcement and charges up to 1.5 times faster thanks to the application of our proprietary carbon additives on the negative plates. This technique was discovered during the development of our AGM and EFB ranges, which has led to improved charge acceptance and a significant reduction in charge times.

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Brand: TUDOR

Model: TA612

Voltage: 12V

Capacity: 61 Ah

Startup: 600 A (EN)

Polarity: Positive right


Length: 242 mm

Width: 175 mm

Height: 175 mm

Weight: 13.9 kg

Occupation: Startup

Maintenance: No Maintenance


  • 30% more starting power
  • Charges up to 1.5 times faster
  • Ideal for vehicles with a high level of equipment, powerful engines and high energy needs
  • Ideal for extreme weather conditions and urban driving


During discharge, non-conducting sulfate particles progressively cover the negative plates, isolating them from the electrolyte. This means that a large amount of battery energy is wasted dissolving sulphate, which makes charging less efficient. The carbon additives used in TUDOR High Tech with Carbon Reinforcement dissolve sulphate particles more quickly thus providing superior conductivity.

Carbon Reinforcement in the High Tech range improved charge acceptance up to 1.5 times faster than standard batteries. While battery failures remain the number one cause of car downtime, fast charging significantly reduces the risk of failures by helping batteries maintain a healthy state of charge for longer.




Tudor TA612 Battery – (12V 61Ah 600A)

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